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Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

When I bought a house, the decorating was absolutely overwhelming. I didn't know where to start, but I knew that the place needed a few updates. Instead of spending a fortune at one time, I decided to choose one room a week and to focus all of my efforts on that space. It was difficult at first, but over time, I was able to completely transform my space. First, I did the living room, and then I worked on the dining area. Before I knew it, my home was absolutely beautiful. Check out this blog for decorating ideas that can improve your home.


5 Different Types Of Ladders For Your Loft

If you are looking to build a loft, you will need a way to get in and out of your loft. You can have an independent ladder that requires the separate installation of a hatch system, or you can have an integrated ladder that comes with a hatch system already in place and attached to the ladder. When it comes to loft ladders, you can further break them into five more categories: folding, sliding, telescopic, concertina, and electric loft ladders.

Folding Loft Ladder 

A folding loft comes attached to an insulated and draught-proof trapdoor. The ladder is designed to fold into about three different sections. This means that the ladder doesn't take up that much space in your loft when it is stowed or when it is pulled down. A folding ladder will help you save square footage in your actual loft. A folding ladder can be made of timber or metal. Keep in mind that folding ladders do require a more extended hatch.

Sliding Loft Ladder

A sliding loft ladder is designed for a loft area you only use on occasion and not daily. A sliding loft ladder is designed to work separately from the hatch trapdoor. There are a solid, stable piece and a part that slides up and down and is attached to the main ladder with a mechanism. There is usually a pool that you use to operate the ladder.

With a sliding loft ladder, you want to avoid a cheap model, which can feel flimsy and unstable when climbing up and down it.

Telescopic Loft Ladder

A telescopic ladder is designed for tight spaces. It has a unique design. It is designed to work as a telescope, with each rank of the ladder designed to move down towards the next pile. Ultimately, when it is fully extended, everything will lock in place.

This type of ladder takes up the least amount of space in comparison to other types of loft ladders and is sturdy when it is fully extended and locked in space.

Concertina Loft Ladder

Another type of ladder designed to work well in a limited space is a concertina ladder. It is a type of ladder designed so that each rung collapse using a joined rectangular device. These types of ladders work well in tight spaces; however, they often don't feel that sturdy or steady.

Electric Loft Ladder 

IF you want to get fancy with your loft ladder, you can install an electric loft ladder. An electric loft ladder does require a power supply and often takes up more room. However, there is no physical strain on you with an electric loft ladder as you open your close your loft and ladder.

When it comes to designing your loft space, you need to think about how much space you have for a ladder and how often you will be using the ladder. This will help you choose the best ladder for your space.