Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

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Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

When I bought a house, the decorating was absolutely overwhelming. I didn't know where to start, but I knew that the place needed a few updates. Instead of spending a fortune at one time, I decided to choose one room a week and to focus all of my efforts on that space. It was difficult at first, but over time, I was able to completely transform my space. First, I did the living room, and then I worked on the dining area. Before I knew it, my home was absolutely beautiful. Check out this blog for decorating ideas that can improve your home.



4 Remodeling Ideas That Will Help Make Your Kitchen Look More Modern

Are you looking for ways to update your old drab kitchen? Here are a few modern kitchen remodeling ideas to consider:

1. Add a Custom Island 

Adding an island to your kitchen will provide you with more space and create a more modern yet cozy environment. You can build lots of extra storage space into your island and top it with a beautiful material like marble or limestone to create a focal point for your kitchen that's as functional as it is beautiful.

Or create a clean, modern look by adding a butcher block island and a few wooden bar stools to the scene. If there isn't a lot of floor space to work with in the kitchen, you can always introduce a rolling island to the room and move it around to accommodate your space needs as you work.

2. Install a New Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash will breathe new life into your kitchen and give the walls a sleek, modern look that you can be proud of. Installing a new backsplash will give you an opportunity to infuse some extra color into your overall design too. If your walls are a neutral color, choose a tile backsplash that features bright colors such as yellow or green. If your walls are already colorful, go for something light like beige or gray to soften things up a little.

3. Spruce the Cabinets Up

Another great way to give your kitchen a more modern look and feel is to spruce your old cabinets up. Luckily, you don't have to completely replace your cabinets to make them look new again. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets is the first step to the transformation process. After the new paint dries, consider replacing all of the hardware with new stainless steel or marble options. Using these techniques, even cabinets that are decades old can be made to look like they have just been taken out of a showroom.

4. Build an Appliance Garage

You won't typically find a bunch of appliances cluttering up the counter space in a modern kitchen. Instead, you'll find clean lines and organized workspaces throughout. To give your kitchen a cleaner look that screams modern, consider building an appliance garage on one of the walls or under a cabinet.

You can keep everything from your coffee maker and mixer to your waffle iron and measuring cups in the garage so they can't be seen when they aren't in use. You'll be left with a clean, updated look that won't disappoint.

Contact your remodeling contractor today to schedule an in-home consultation and learn more about how you can turn your kitchen into the ultimate modern space.