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Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

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5 Stylish Ideas For Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is probably the most functional room in your home, and you want window treatments that follow suit. However, there's no need to get utilitarian in your window treatment design. Indeed, the windows and their treatments might be the only break in a room filled with appliances and storage. Select window treatments that enhance the style of your kitchen while maintaining its functionality.

Banded Roman Shades

Fabric shades such as the Roman style can be both decorative and functional. They lay flat to the window yet control light access with a simple cord. For added style, consider selecting a solid-colored Roman shade with a patterned band. The solid color should be a neutral found elsewhere in your kitchen. The patterned band should either highlight your color palette or repeat in your kitchen, such as in seat cushions.

Unique Window

If you have only a single window in your kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens suggests highlighting it with the window treatment. For example, mix patterns in a Roman shade and valance. To pull this look off, make sure the base color of the patterns is the same. For easy cleaning, both the shade and valance should be made from washable fabric.

Layered Valances

In the same vein, layering can work for multiple windows as well. However, to avoid overpowering the rest of the décor, it's necessary to keep the color palette neutral. Likewise, consider selecting valances and shades in the same fabric. The result is a chic textural look that enhances your kitchen's style.

Plantation Blinds

Many kitchens feature a breakfast nook in a bump out. However, the design presents a challenge for window coverings. This is a good space for having plantation blinds installed. The blinds are custom fit to the windows. Likewise, their extra-wide louvers allow you to control the sun with minimal effort. Indeed, you can have motorized blinds installed that are set to a timer. Such a set up means you don't have to maneuver around the table and banquet seating typical in breakfast nooks.

Café Curtains

Café curtains are a classic in the kitchen for a reason. They allow you to control the sunlight without blocking the view. Café curtains take up only the bottom half of the window. As a bonus, they typically come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to update the look of your kitchen without a radical overhaul. You can even pair café curtains with a matching valance for a more formal look.

Kitchen window treatments should provide privacy and light control while presenting a stylish addition to your décor. Explore your options through companies like Sav-Mor Upholstery.