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Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

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Proper Steps to Maintain a Hardwood Floor

If you have just had hardwood flooring installed in a room in your home, you are most likely enjoying the beauty it incorporates into your room's design. Hardwood flooring is a pleasing material that can remain looking like new if you take the proper steps to maintain it. Here are some tips to use to keep your hardwood flooring looking great for years to come.

Prevent Scratching

Whether you have a polyurethane or wax finish on your wood floors, you will want to be diligent in keeping furniture or other items from scratching the surface. Scratches are unsightly and may be a bit difficult to fill in, causing a refinishing of the entire floor to be necessary. To avoid scratches, place several area rugs in the room in high-traffic areas to protect the surface of the wood. Place felt pads on each of the legs of your furnishings so they glide across the surface rather than digging in. Make sure to vacuum regularly to remove sand, grit, or larger dirt particles, which are known to scratch as they are tracked through a room.

Clean Regularly

Regardless of the finish on your flooring, it will need to be routinely cleaned to remove dirt from the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle brush attachment to remove dirt easily. Do not rub the attachment over the wood, but hold it a bit above the surface instead so it does not cause scratching. In between vacuuming sessions, use a soft-bristled broom to remove dirt from viewed areas.

Avoid Moisture

Wax finish on a hardwood floor should not have moisture applied at all. If you have a polyurethane or similar finish on your flooring, you can use a damp mop to wipe down the floor, but it must be dried completely using a piece of microfiber cloth, as moisture left on the surface can cause riddling. If something spills on a hardwood floor, be sure to wipe it up immediately.

Add Protection

When your floor appears cloudy or lacking luster, it is time to spruce it up with a coating of surface finish or wax, depending on which is already present on the wood. If you are using a surface finish, simply apply the product, rub it into the flooring, and allow it to dry according to the manufacturer's directions. For wax, apply a layer to the wood, allow it to dry, and buff until the floor has a pleasing amount of shine. Use less wax on flooring under furniture and a bit more on high-traffic areas so it wears evenly.

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