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Sprucing Up Your House One Room At A Time

When I bought a house, the decorating was absolutely overwhelming. I didn't know where to start, but I knew that the place needed a few updates. Instead of spending a fortune at one time, I decided to choose one room a week and to focus all of my efforts on that space. It was difficult at first, but over time, I was able to completely transform my space. First, I did the living room, and then I worked on the dining area. Before I knew it, my home was absolutely beautiful. Check out this blog for decorating ideas that can improve your home.



Small Apartment Or House? 3 Ways You Can Get The Crafting Space You Deserve

Do you want a craft room, but don't have any space to devote to it? Do you feel like your craft and hobby supplies have taken over all of the surfaces and storage nooks in your home? If so, you're probably looking for ways to contain the mess. Perhaps you're even dreaming about the day when you can have a fully-organized and completely functional hobby room, a place where you can stop in the middle of something without having to clean anything up. Well, you can have all of that now, even in your small home. Following are a few clever ways you can create a crafting space without sacrificing any usable space in your home. 

Converted Closet

If you have an empty closet, you can customize it with a closet organization system to create your very own craft space. Closet systems for a typical, reach-in closet can cost several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the materials and finishes you select. When you select this option, you can combine drawers, shelves and counters to create the perfect craft space. Simply open the doors of your custom closet and slide up a chair to begin working on all your favorite crafts. 

Murphy Bed Twist

If you don't have a closet to spare, you may want to think about converting a free-standing Murphy bed into a fold-away craft space. Many pieces already have drawers and cabinets built right in, so storage won't be a problem. If you can't find a suitable piece or if such a piece is still too large for you, think about a fold-away desk. While a desk won't give you as much storage as a large piece of furniture, it will still allow you to close up your craft area when it's not in use. 

Repurposed Armoire

An armoire, television cabinet, kitchen hutch or similar piece of furniture can be used to create a darling little craft space. However, you may want to add a fold-up shelf so you can have a work surface built right in. If you're not particularly handy when it comes to wood-working projects, an old desk cabinet will give you everything you need and more. 

You don't need an empty room in order to create your very own dedicated craft space. All you need is a little ingenuity and a few square feet of space to create the craft nook of your dreams.